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April 01 2020

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March 31 2020

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Es gibt niemanden, der das Gegenteil fordert. Und der tut so, als ob das hier irgend jemanden „Spaß machen“ würde...

Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Text könnte möglicherweise lauten: „HD Lindner labert wieder Scheiße tagesschau“
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I love how they left out the part about them giving out the lesbian couple’s personal information to send them death threats, running them out of their home, and encouraging other fundies to petition to have their children taken away. **examines fingernails**

Also the fact that they raised half million dollars from other raging homophobes to fund this bigotry. I hope the dickholes lose the shirts off their backs and have to live out of a van. But that’s too much to hope for.

I just wanna add that the lesbian couple were getting married because their mutual friend had just died of cancer and they were adopting her two daughters… and that the death threats were so bad that they had to quit their jobs and move. it’s never just about a cake. it’s about the precedent you set when you allow ppl to discriminate. it’s about all the disgusting bigots that crawl out of the woodwork when they feel like they have the right to hate.

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the story so far…

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March 30 2020

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A billion is an inconceivable amount of money.

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PLEASE let this moment radicalize you. Know that there are a handful of billionaires that could make sure people don’t need to go to work. The government could put a moratorium on rent, mortgages, student loans. We could nationalize utilities. Capitalism prevents all of this.

~ @SultanReina

March 28 2020

The Truth About Cats and Dogs
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waking up your friend
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